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Discover our collection of pre-designed menu board templates that perfectly embody the latest trends in the business world. These templates strike the ideal balance between timeless elegance and contemporary style, making them a top choice that you won’t easily find elsewhere!

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Unlock the potential of World Digital Signage hub’s Signage’s Web Console, granting you access to a vast array of visually stunning, modern, and attention-grabbing digital board templates. With just a few clicks, you can select a template, seamlessly customize pricing, menu item names, and images, and effortlessly publish them onto your TV screen(s).

If you require design assistance for your brand, whether it’s a simple or intricate project, our team of professional design experts is readily available to lend their expertise.

Every month, our extensive library expands with hundreds of new templates curated for various categories, ensuring effortless navigation and limitless possibilities for your signage needs.

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World Digital Signage Hub encompasses a diverse range of industries.…

Our Digital Menu Board Template Editor is highly versatile, accommodating businesses of all kinds. World Digital Signage Hub has distinguished itself from competitors by organizing templates based on specific business niches.

These categorized templates are readily accessible within our editor. Our system is designed to grant business owners complete flexibility in customizing the templates to align precisely with their vision.

World Digital Signage Hub offers an extensive collection of templates catering to a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Hospitals
  • Salons
  • Transportation
  • Restaurants
  • Theatres

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    Looking to have a distinct menu for each day? Our cloud-based system, developed by World Digital Signage Hub, simplifies the management process. Just select a template and publish it according to your preferences. 

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    Get started today. No credit card required!

    Why spend money on hiring someone when World Digital Signage Hub offers a do-it-yourself option that allows you to edit and publish within minutes?

    No matter if you are the owner of a pizzeria, barbershop, clinic, showroom, or ice cream parlor, we have a wide range of templates tailored to your specific business niche. Select and customize the perfect template that suits your needs.

    Restaurant Signage Boards

    Salon Signage Boards

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    What makes digital signage a compelling choice?

    According to customer surveys, 30% of customers acknowledge that digital signage has had an impact on their purchasing decisions.

    A significant majority, 66% of customers, have reported that digital signage successfully captures their attention.
    From the point of purchase, 60% of upsells are completed, indicating a substantial opportunity for additional sales.
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    “The restaurant industry is known for its fierce competition. To maintain a competitive edge, our restaurant sought ways to differentiate itself and draw more customers. That’s when we made the strategic decision to invest in digital signage, and World Digital Signage Hub proved to be the ideal solution for our needs.”

    “Our previous system was antiquated and lacked user-friendliness. Thanks to World Digital Signage Hub, we have been able to ensure that both our staff and clients stay well-informed about the latest store updates. It has been an absolute game-changer for us, and we are incredibly thankful to have this solution!”

    “For my transportation company, World Digital Signage Hub is the obvious choice when it comes to digital signage solutions. It allows us to effectively communicate vital information to both our staff and clients in a clear and concise manner. The impact of World Digital Signage Hub on my business has been significant, enhancing communication and streamlining our operations for improved efficiency.”

    “After conducting extensive research on digital signage boards, I came across World Digital Signage Hub, which appeared to be the ideal solution for my salon. Through World Digital Signage Hub, I could effortlessly communicate special offers and promotions directly to my customers. What made it even better was its affordability. Since implementing World Digital Signage Hub, my business has experienced remarkable growth. I now have a larger base of loyal customers, and my revenue has surged by 20%. Discovering World Digital Signage Hub has been a game-changer, and I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

    “To differentiate my steakhouse from the competition, I sought a solution that would make an impact, and that’s when I discovered World Digital Signage Hub. It proved to be the ultimate digital signage platform for my establishment, as it played a crucial role in boosting my revenue through the promotion of new offers and capturing more attention. World Digital Signage Hub empowered me to effortlessly design captivating displays, showcasing my latest specials and deals. This not only attracted a wave of new customers but also fostered increased loyalty among existing patrons, enticing them to frequent my steakhouse more frequently.”

    Advanced Features


    Thousands of Templates

    Our collection of pre-built templates allows users to easily select a template that suits their business and customize it to their liking. By editing the templates as desired, the information can be effortlessly enhanced and presented in an appealing manner.


    Change the Font Style

    This function is guaranteed to enhance the aesthetics of any menu. With just a few clicks, one can easily modify the font style without the need for any coding. Simply select the desired formatting options provided and you’re all set to create a visually appealing menu.


    Customize Icons or Logos

    With our user-friendly icon editor, changing the color of any icon or logo to match the menu is a breeze. Say goodbye to any hassle or complications!


    Drag & Drop Media

    With our innovative drag & drop tool, creating a customized design is a breeze. The beauty of this system lies in its flexibility—users can select from a vast array of stock photographs, resize them, and seamlessly incorporate them into any menu to achieve the desired look and feel.


    Graphics to Give an Elegant Touch to Any Template

    We also offer a curated collection of visually striking shapes that can be seamlessly incorporated into any menu design. These graphics, ranging from shapes to food and beverages, are readily available to enhance the overall visual appeal of your digital menu board.


    Custom Background Color/Image

    To effortlessly add a modern touch to any digital menu board, there are several options available. You can personalize the background by adding your own photo, select from a vast library of ready-made backgrounds, or choose a background color that complements your brand aesthetic. These choices ensure that your digital menu board aligns perfectly with your desired look and feel.

    World Digital Signage Hub FAQs

    What does the term "Digital Menu Board" refer to?

    A digital menu board is an advanced, cloud-based system used to showcase menus and provide information about deals and offers available at restaurants or other businesses.

    Does World Digital Signage hub offer any pre-made templates?

    Indeed, we offer a range of pre-defined menu board templates that can be edited and customized to suit individual requirements.

    Will I be charged if I utilize the ready-made templates?

    No, there are no charges for using our predefined templates. Once you have subscribed to our services, you can freely utilize these templates as frequently as you desire.

    How do you make a Digital Menu Board?

    Opting for cloud-based software to manage your digital screens is highly recommended, especially if you have multiple screens. This solution allows for seamless distribution of the same menus across all screens. Making menu changes is also effortless. Just upload your menu image or design, publish it, and it will be displayed across all your screens.